Get ready for

amazing nights

Every Tuesday COCO GOES LOCO! Experience magnificence at our vibrant dinner party with a touch of Paris. 

Every Wednesday is an evening full of live music and entertainment, with true Marbella vibes!

Every Thursday at COCO Antwerp, clink, sip, dine and party the night away. A sublime dinner party with vibes from Saint-Tropez!

Get ready to gossip every single Friday! Uplift your weekend mood and join us for a lustrous girls dinner party, Monaco style. 

But first... Brunch! ⁠Each first Sunday of the month (shopping Sunday in Antwerp) COCO Antwerp will offer a real brunch party, New York City style!  ⁠
Buffet from 13h till 18h, €59 per person.⁠

You can't miss Saturdays at COCO Antwerp! The wilder the night, the better. ⁠Join our amazing festive dinner concept and even better party, as if you're in Tulum.



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Opening Hours 

Tue - Wed - Thurs: 18u - 00u

Fri: 17u - 00u

Sat: 12u - 00u

Sunday: 17u - 00u

Monday: Closed

Friday en Saturday :

SERVICE 2:17u tot 20.45u - SERVICE 2: 21u tot 24u

Min spend: 100 € p.p.


Arenbergstraat 2

2000 Antwerpen